figure [fig′yər, figyoor; ] often, esp. for v., & Brit always [, fig′ər]
[ME < OFr < L figura < fingere, to form, shape: see DOUGH]
1. the outline or shape of something; form
2. the shape of the human body; human form
3. a person, esp. one seen or thought of in a specified way [a great social figure]
4. a likeness or representation of a person or thing
5. an illustration; diagram; picture; drawing
6. an artistic design in fabrics, etc.; pattern
a) the symbol for a number [the figure 5]
b) [pl.] calculation with such symbols; arithmetic [very good at figures]
8. a sum of money
9. Dancing Skating a series or pattern of steps or movements
10. Geom. a surface or space bounded on all sides by lines or planes
11. Logic the form of a syllogism with reference to the use of the middle term as variously the subject or the predicate of the premises
12. Music a series of consecutive tones or chords forming a distinct group which with other similar groups completes a phrase or theme; motif
figured, figuring [ME figuren < the n.]
1. to represent in definite form; give a shape to
2. to represent mentally; imagine
3. to ornament with a design
4. to compute with figures
5. Informal to believe; consider; decide
6. Music to indicate chords for (the bass) by writing the appropriate figures next to the notes
a) to appear, often prominently: with in [you figure in all my dreams]
b) to be a causal factor: with in [poor food figured in his ill health]
2. to do arithmetic
3. Informal to consider; calculate
4. Informal to be just as expected or as anticipated
figure in
☆ to add in; include
☆ figure on
1. to count on; rely on
2. to consider as part of a scheme or project; plan on
☆ figure out
1. to solve; compute
2. to understand; reason out
☆ figure up
to add; total

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